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Android Zero Touch Enrollment

Streamlining the process and enhancing enterprise administration with simple, secure, quick enrollment and deployment of corporate-owned Android devices. Give IT the ability to provision devices in bulk without the need for human setup, allowing staff to use them right away with management, policies, and apps fully set up.

IT managers may use Zero-touch Enrollment to deploy and configure company-owned devices and apply rules to these fully-managed devices for ready-to-use employee use.

We can help configure each device, including the operating system, default settings, and popular programmes.

Instantly deploy devices at scale with full management and apps.

Deliver devices to employees for immediate, out-of-the-box activation.

Maintain control by enforcing security policies and restrictions.

Define. Design & Deliver

Companies around the world deploy Android to mobilise employees and transform their businesses. No matter the use case, a successful deployment is about more than just selecting the right devices; it's about getting them configured and rolled out into the hands of users as quickly and easily as possible.

Zero-touch enrollment makes Android rollouts more seamless and secure. With zero-touch enrollment, companies can instantly deploy fleets of company-owned Android devices (9.0 or above) across all manufacturers including Samsung.


Stay connected with smart devices.

Device Management

Effectively maintain your fleet of devices over time, whether they be computers, tablets, or phones.


Control the settings and configurations to prevent dangerous software and undesirable apps from running on business devices.

App Management

Manage bulk app purchases and installations with a single, easy-to-use solution that lets you specify which apps are pre-configured and quickly update as needed.


Have a true zero-touch experience from purchase to delivery so that your workers can continue to be productive; the device is ready to use as soon as they switch it on.

Logistics & Transportation

Using the power of Android Zero Touch Enrollment, you can accelerate deliveries, enhance customer experiences, and optimise supply-chain cycles.

Follow the position of your smartphone in real time.

Analyse the location history of the device for useful insights.

Automate processes using geofencing.

Limit the sharing of content with contacts outside the company.

Use password complexity and fast alerts for unsuccessful passcode attempts.

To safeguard lost or stolen devices, enable factory reset protection.

Use dashboard role-based access to offload device management.


The field of "smart manufacturing" is rapidly expanding, transforming company procedures and using digital technologies in all types of manufacturing facilities. The rapid shift to smart factories is one of the major manufacturing trends.

Quick Enrollments Of Devices.

Maintenance and Tight Quality Control.

Data Analytics and Insights.

Secure Data and Devices.

App Management and File Distribution.

Building connected manufacturing is key to future success.

Our solutions protect, enhance productivity, and enable operational agility.

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Enforced Security and Control for Organisations as well as the security guidelines and limitations.

Ensure that after any factory reset, devices are still registered and enrolled.

Profit from the growing variety of devices available as the Android-wide programme expands to embrace more and more.

Configure devices on the cloud, and setup will immediately transmit those configurations to the devices.

Enhance user productivity, maintain organisation, and guarantee timely completion of tasks.

Freeing up your helpdesk and increasing employee productivity will benefit both your IT team and your staff.

Create a unique experience for your users by giving them the customizations, security, and apps your company requires.

During a quick setup process on the device, allow employees to enrol themselves without help from IT.

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