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Absolute I Magic Locker

Retailers can confidently sell iPhones on EMI with the Absolute Magic Locker Pro app. It offers multiple intelligent and guaranteed security features in one convenient application.

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Lock/unlock screen

With advanced technology, retailers can now lock and unlock the iPhone screens of their customers.

Lock/Unlock camera

Retailers can easily lock a customer's iPhone camera if they miss EMI payments on time, ensuring payment compliance.

Location Tracking

Retailers possess the capability to track the location of the iPhone device if the user fails to make EMI payments on time.


No one else can turn off the phone except us.


If someone attempts to pick your pocket mobile, it will alert you with an alarm.


If your phone is lost or misplaced, you can track it down.

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Anti-Theft enables you to locate and recover a misplaced device, as well as prevent unwanted access to data stored on it. Learn about the app and remotely lock your smartphone.

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