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User Friendly MDM

Encouraging productivity among your team is effortless when they use devices they genuinely enjoy. Offering the option of Macs and other Apple devices is a seamless process through the utilization of Apple Business Manager, paired with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution of your preference.

Apple Employee Choice Model

Empower employees with choice by allowing them to select their preferred Apple device for top performance. Streamline remote management of the Apple ecosystem, reducing the necessity for frequent IT involvement.

Personal Device Power

Give employees the freedom to choose their preferred Apple device for optimal performance

Remote Management Ease

Effortlessly deploy and manage the Apple ecosystem remotely, reducing the need for constant IT intervention.

Smooth Adoption of Apple Devices

Allow employees to customize their devices for better productivity. Encourage them to troubleshoot Apple devices themselves, reducing the need for IT help.

Personalization for Productivity

Let employees tailor their devices to specific tasks, enhancing personalization for increased productivity

Shared Support Responsibility

Reduce IT support dependence by empowering employees to troubleshoot Apple devices independently, fostering shared support responsibility.

Employees Devices in 4 Easy Steps

Select supported devices, ensuring comprehensive security with a tailored guide.

Set up and configure devices according to IT policies using MDM and Apple Business Manager.

Enhance the onboarding experience with informative updates and starter kits for a seamless start.

Provide ongoing guidance through AppleCare, Apple Support app, and internal IT services for a smooth journey.