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Absolute Store

The absolute store comes with a variety of advanced features like security, tools, news, entertainment, health, and education. We are providing you with a range of exclusive features to satisfy your various needs. Protect your phone from thieves with absolute anti theft, which comes with a variety of advanced features.


Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Anti Theft

Anti-theft allows you to locate and reclaim a misplaced device, as well as prevent unauthorised access to data saved on it.

Anti Theft Features

Lock screen

A photo and location will be sent to you by SMS and mail if you enter the wrong password.

Stop Shut Down

Anti-Theft Feature Stop Shutdown prevents your device from being switched off by anyone else.

Stop to connect with PC

If someone attempts to connect a mobile device to a PC for reset while in lock position, the alarm will ring.

SIM card security

Receive a location and a photo by text message and mail & new sim number if your sim card is taken out of your phone.

Track your phone

This feature allows you to locate and retrieve a misplaced device and prevent unauthorised access to data stored on it.

Pocket Theft

If your phone is removed from your pocket, the anti-theft pocket theft security system will sound an alarm to inform you.

Movement Alert

The movement alert function will notify you if your phone is removed from your pocket.

Unplug Charger

The Unplug Charger notifies you when charging is unplugged or interrupted.

Fake Shutdown

Even while your phone is off, it fakes a shutdown and sends location, audio, and photographs to your alternate number via email.

Panic Button

When You Press The Panic Button, You Can Send Your Contacts 30-second Audio, Images, And Your Location.

Airplane Mode

The fake "Airplane Mode" icon is highlighted while the real "Airplane Mode" icon is hidden.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Remote Security

Control any forgotten or misplaced devices, reset the phone if it has been misplaced, and remove the contacts and gallery.

Remote Security Features

Silent Camera

Send your saved command to your phone via SMS from any device, and it will take a silent photograph and send it to a different phone number.

Erase Contacts

This feature of remote security will automatically delete all your contacts

Erase Gallery

This Feature will automatically delete all your gallery media files

Reset Factory

This feature of remote security will automatically reset your device factory

Ring Setup

Even if your phone is on vibrate or mute, you can use this feature to make it ring

GPS setup

Find the location of your phone using mobile texting and the GPS feature of Absolute Store

Lock device

SMS your Saved command from any number. When the device receives the SMS, the screen is immediately locked

GPS flare

When the battery falls below a certain level, an alert is sent out with the phone's location, photos, and call histories.

Power on

When the device is turned on, it sends out an alert containing the phone's location, photo, and call history

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care


Protect your family and remove viruses from your phone with our various advanced security features.

Security Features

Ladies & Child Protection

The child must click the volume button twice in an emergency for the app to send their exact location and images through emails and SMS to parents

Anti Virus

Keeping your smartphone virus-free is the most difficult task. However, Absolute Softsytem offers the best Antivirus Protection to keep your phone clear of viruses

Absolute App Locker

Absolute Locker is an app lock that will secure your app. By using this feature, you can easily add a security lock to all installed apps

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care


Use tools that offer unique features like a secret camera, contact and SMS backup, and an app analyzer.

Tools Features

Secret Camera

There is a camera that is recording in the background. App recorder continues to function even when your phone's screen is locked, off, or running another app

Contacts & SMS Backup

Contact and SMS Backup lets you distribute contact information as a VCF file through email, Dropbox, or any other social media platform that supports VCF files to another smartphone.

App Analyzer

It is used to learn more about app performance and to identify typical issues with an app's performance.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care


Absolute store news comes under a variety of local, latest, and live categories, so stay up to date.

News Features

Absolute News

Absolute news categorises the most recent news, politics, bollywood, and sports. Everything you need to know about Metropolitan City.

Live news

Live news simply categories in different languages like English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care


Try our YouTube feature, which is ad-free, and enjoy and have fun with the games feature by playing games.

Entertainment Features


Absolute removes advertising from YouTube videos and helps you find content that you want to watch and this software is ad-free.


The Absolute Soft System includes a Classic Gaming category.Games include 2048, Pac-Man, and clumsy Bird.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care


Use absolute exercise, and rest with our relaxing sounds feature because health is described as a state of complete bodily, mental, and social well-being.

Health Features

Absolute Exercise

The Absolute store app includes daily training routines for all muscle groups, and detailed fitness guidance and animated animations.

Relax Sounds

Enjoy 15+ relaxing sounds without advertisements from different categories with the Absolute Store app.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care


Education is the field that deals with teaching methods, therefore use our app and understand the concept better.

Education Features

NCERT Education

Absolute offers the NCERT curriculum from first to twelfth grade. Children can obtain books on any subject they like.

We Offer applications for every security solution.

Absolute Store is available for all Android devices in Google playstore.

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