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Absolute Magic Locker Pro

Retailers can sell phones on EMI worry-free, thanks to the Absolute Magic Locker Pro app's offers multiple intelligent and guaranteed security features in one convenient application.


Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Manage Customer EMI

Retailers gain control of customer EMI through features like a user-friendly payment platform, notifications, easy record tracking, scheduled payments, and SIM card management.

Manage Customer EMI Features

EMI Notification

Retailers will send text messages or WhatsApp messages to remind customers about their upcoming EMI payments three days before they are due.

EMI Payment History

Retailers can conveniently monitor the timing and dates of EMI payments made by customers.

Stop to connect with PC

If someone attempts to connect a mobile device to a PC for reset while in lock position, the alarm will ring.

Scheduled EMI Payments

Customers need to make their EMI payments on the designated day each month.

Easy Payment Hub for Customers

Customers can easily pay their EMI using a convenient payment platform. They can pay with cash or by scanning a QR code on their phones lock screen.

SIM Card Information

Retailers will get the number of the newly inserted or existing SIM card from the customers.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Easily Lock/ Unlock Phones

Retailers have strong device control, enabling easy locking/unlocking, managing calls and social media, securing the screen, and handling multiple devices if EMI payments are late.

Easily Lock/ Unlock Phones Features

Manage Calls & Social Media access

If the EMI payment is overdue, retailers can limit the use of social apps and phone calls on the customers phone, gaining full control.

Lock Screen

Retailers can Lock the phone screen by setting a personal PIN and password.

Device Locking

If EMI payments are late, retailers can choose to fully lock the customers phone.

Multiple Device Locks/Unlocks

When customers dont make their EMI payments on time retailers can now lock or unlock multiple devices at once.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Financial Protection

Boost financial security with digital verification, control over resets, and full device protection, allowing retailers to secure agreements and prevent unauthorised resets.

Financial Protection Features

Client Profile & Digital Verification

Retailers can utilise digital signatures to verify agreements and maintain customer profile images.

Soft Reset

Retailers have the ability to restrict users from resetting their devices.

Hard Resets

Retailers can control whether someone can use the phone after a hard reset. They can choose to either lock it completely or allow access.

Hard Reset Control

Even after a hard reset, retailers have the capability to either lock or unlock phones.

Complete Protection

This feature makes sure that the phone cannot be reset or reprogrammed.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Control Your Customer Financing

Retailers control financing with an EMI calculator and ensure safety through emergency calls, location tracking, and device management features for late payments

Control Your Customer Financing Features

EMI Calculator Pro

Retailers can use a tool to figure out installment payments accurately.

Emergency Call Feature

Customers can dial emergency numbers on their phones even if they havent paid their installments and their phones are locked.

Location Alerts

All control is in the hands of retailers. If the retailer activates the tracking function, they will receive messages every half hour with the customer's location until the retailer clicks to turn off tracking.

Location Tracking

Retailers can monitor the device's location if the user fails to make EMI payments.

USB Control

Retailers can decide if customers can use USB features on their phones.

Instant Restart

Retailers can promptly reboot customers' phones in case of missed EMI payments.

Features of Absolute store and absolute family care

Offline Customer Updates

In this feature, retailers can efficiently handle customer information, all without the necessity of an internet connection.

Offline Customer Updates Features

Sim Card Tracking

Retailers receive customer info messages when a new SIM is inserted, all without needing an internet connection.